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Are you interested in Learning and Development SVQ units?

We provide fully accredited SVQ Learning and Development qualifications for those interested in becoming assessors and verifiers. This can be a great way to improve you and your staff’s learning and development and gives you a qualification in how to train staff.

Learning and Development courses are done on a one-to-one basis with coursework to be done as you train someone. The course can take as long as you wish, it really depend on how much work you put in. This will then allow you to train your staff in SVQs using materials from a training provider like On Track Training.

We have many chefs and managers who want these qualifications as they are able to work with their staff and are able to continuously assess in the workplace, and tailor their staff training to their own specification and needs.

This is a fantastic way to develop your career, business and staff morale.

For more information on how this works, either contact us here or if you’d prefer on our Facebook page.

Our SVQs include:

SVQ Level 3 in Learning and Development (can include assessors unit)

SVQ Level 4 in Learning and Development (this can include the verifiers unit if they have done the assessors unit previously, or the assessors unit can also be included)

Stand alone Assessors Unit – (£250/£450) L&D9DI – 4 – 6 visits/weeks

Stand alone Verifiers Unit – (£250/ £450) L&D11 – 4 – 6 visits/weeks

Planning and Delivering Learning Sessions to Groups – SQA PDA – £350 (For those not delivering SVQs) – short course

Conduct the Assessment Process – SQA PDA – For those assessing in a workshop, classroom, or off the job situation) £350 – short course

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