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We offer SVQs in Hospitality, Retail, Management and Professional Training and Development.  SVQs are flexibly designed, to enable us to tailor these to most individual job roles. 

Hospitality Courses:

Level 5 SVQs & Modern Apprenticeships– non supervisory staff

Kitchen Services L5

This course is suitable for young people working in a kitchen as a KP or as a trainee, looking possibly to move on to commis chef in the future.

Professional Cookery L5

This course is suitable for commis chefs carrying out a wide range of supervised prep and cooking tasks in a commercial kitchen.

Hospitality Services L5

This course is suitable for young people probably in their first job as a receptionist, housekeeper, domestic, waiter, or bar person carrying out supervised work in any or a mix of the above departments. It is a very flexible course, suitable for many different job roles, including take away service staff.

Levels 6, 7, 8 SVQs and Modern Apprenticeships – for supervisors and managers

Professional Cookery L6  

Suitable for chefs with at least one year kitchen experience, or having completed the Level 5 .

Hospitality Supervision and Leadership L7. 

A very flexible course suitable for those with experience in the industry, or who may have completed a Level 5 SVQ. It can be achieved in any department – housekeeping, reception, kitchen, bar or restaurant, and will be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Hospitality Management L8

A Course suitable for all managers in hospitality, across all departments, and also suitable for owner/managers.  It will be tailored to suit your level of management responsibility and your job role. This is a university level course, and does involve some report writing.

Retail Sales Professional L6

This is a popular course suitable for most people working in large or small retail businesses. This course is at Level 6, so candidates will be expected to have some responsibility for decision making and/or supervising another member of staff at their workplace.

Retail Management L6

This is for retail managers.  It is also at Level 6, but the units within the course are at a higher level, and candidates’ skills need to reflect this.  You should be a manager who makes some decisions, has responsibility for a small department, or a small team of staff.

Management L7

This generic management course is suitable for all managers, across almost any industry.  It covers organisational skills, decision making, handling conflict and allocating work tasks, to name but a few of the areas covered. At level 7 this is suitable for junior managers with responsibility for an office, a project or a small department.

Management L9

A higher level management course, covering skills such as recruitment, organisational change, project management, building and developing staff, disciplinaries.  It is suitable for more senior managers.

Learning and Development Levels 7 and 9

These courses are about professional development and showing that you are able to train and develop other staff members.  They require you to present short courses, and assess or verify training units.  They both include the standalone assessor unit L&D9di and the standalone verifier unit L&D11

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